Jodie & Tobias


 Saya has been an outstanding childminder.  Her communication has been second to none and she has always endeavoured to accommodate our needs where possible.
Tobias has been provided with an environment that has been rich with experience, boundaried yet full of love, laughter and fun. Tobias loves spending time with Saya, especially when the dogs are involved !

Nicky, Shane, Brooklyn & Emily


 Saya offered a home from home environment and Saya and family were all very welcoming which made my children extremely comfortable. My kids always came home well looked after and really happy, with lots of stories about their days which put us at ease leaving our children in Saya's care and we would not hesitate to use Saya's services in the future if we ever needed too 

Helen & Zachary


 Saya has child-minded my 6 year old son since he was a baby . I would highly recommend her . She creates a warm family environment including cooked healthy dinners , that as a parent leaves me reassured leaving my child with her . She’s also pro-active with fun activities and getting outdoors . My son loves spending time with Saya and is always happy for her to look after him . Personally I find her to be flexible , approachable and friendly . 

Mel, Brooklyn & Lacey


 Saya is a fantastic child minder who really brought my daughter's out of their shells.

 I found her to be extremely accommodating and flexible with regards to my needs and as a single parent it was a godsend to have someone who echoed my desires with regards to behaviour and healthy eating. My youngest also loved the giant TV! 

Debbie & Kuda


 Saya looked after my Son Kuda for just over a year...He really enjoyed his time at this setting.  Saya is a brilliant child minder and I was happy to leave my son in her care ...Debbie  

Jane, Gavin, Rosalie & Alexander


Saya has looked after both of our children at different times over the last few years. Her services are second to none, the children always come away asking when they will next be back. 

They love the home atmosphere, the pets, the garden and access to green space on the doorstep. Saya engages with all the children in the same way; giving them tasks, activities and responsibilities whilst in her care. Teaching them to work together and look after and respect each other. They enjoy the trips out, whether to the woods, beach or nearby park and always have new discoveries to share when we collect them. Saya is flexible, trustworthy and a fantastic influence on our children and we highly recommend her childcare services.

About Saya

Creator of Healthy Childcare

Saya has been registered with OFSTED as a childminder since January 2007 although she has worked caring for, or teaching children in the UK, South America and the Middle East going back two more decades.

Saya's childminding has always focused on what she considers vital to children's well-being: Good company, nurturing food and fresh air! 

This mind set is what has led to the creation of Healthy Childcare as a brand that we shall be developing and expanding in the future.

Saya has first hand experience of the challenges of bringing up children and working. Whether as a single parent or with a partner, she found there was never enough time to put into practice all of her good intentions and fulfill the outdoor activity levels she knew her children would benefit from. The solution was to do things this way, for her own children's benefit and also for the benefit of other children that she could care for as an OFSTED registered childcare provider. This meant that parents would often receive funding to ensure this opportunity was fully accessible to everyone.

Saya has a degree in Landscape Design with Bournemouth University at Cannington Campus. 

Recognizing the physical and psychological importance of green space around the places we live, and supporting bio-diversity in urban settings with ideas such as vertical gardens, are the areas of Landscape Design that Saya finds the most exciting.

Saya is mother to two teenage daughters that she is very proud of. They are starting out in adult life having both done well at school and college.

Saya also has a toddler. He is a happy, confident little boy who adores being in the garden or out and about anywhere.

Fortunately he is very social and thrives on having people around. After all, it's what he is used to. We think this is why he is such a chatterbox!

Saya appreciates the beauty of nature and the way it makes us all feel better. She is a keen gardener and is on the waiting list for an allotment to share with the children and get them growing their dinner! Saya loves animals and has cats and dogs which love children. They are fantastic work colleagues!

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to Healthy Childcare.

We help you feel supported as a parent doing what you know is best for your child, and your child feeling that they are warmly welcomed into our club.

Each day we aim to return the children relaxed from the fresh air and content.

With time we expect to see them noticeably happier and healthier.